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Thursday, February 27, 2020

GIS Edu Weekly: New Degrees Address Conservation GIScience, Data Analytics, Urban Sustainability

Resources for Teaching and Learning

The Source (Washington University in St. Louis) - The divide between us: Urban-rural political differences rooted in geography - "A new study by Washington University in St. Louis political scientists finds that it isn’t personal profiles, but rather proximity to bigger cities that drives the political divide."

Tribune Review: Map lets you track your flush to the ALCOSAN plant - "The ... Follow the Flush interactive map allows the public to track the wastewater from their home, or any other address, to the ALCOSAN treatment plant in Pittsburgh’s North Side."

C-SPAN: Penn State's Anthony Robinson talks about viral maps at Hacking the U.S. Election (an election security conference on Capital Hill, Feb 24) in this clip. Via @alanGeoVISTA and others.

Designing Better Interactive Maps: Theory, Process, & Case Studies: Slides and links from Robert Roth's presentation at the University of Chicago. Via @RobertERoth.

Esri (GeoNet): Teaching Practical Spatial Data Science and Deep Learning - The link includes the video and slides from a UCGIS webinar video with Dr. Ilya Zaslavsky, UCSD and Dmitry Kudinov, Esri.

On and Off Campus

Gannon Knight: Students plan safer walking routes for kids - Students used data from the United Way and local police along with what they gathered to suggest after routes for elementary school students in Erie.

Fairfax County (VA) Public Schools: Fairfax, South Lakes HS Students Present at Federal GIS User Conference – Students presented maps of natural disasters, analysis of Fairfax, the impact of local rising sea levels, and a raster analysis of two mountains. Via Esri PR.

The Tartan (CMU): As university responds to map controversy, City Councilors seek direct university investment in communities of color - This article describes how the university responded when called out for map that ignored predominantly-black neighborhoods. I noted the map in question a few weeks ago. 

Humboldt Journal: Regina professor takes university to court over research funding information - Emily Eaton, who teaches in Regina University's geography and environmental studies department, requested that the school disclose who is funding research related to oil and gas, coal, carbon capture and climate change, as well as which departments receive the money. When she did not receive the information under a freedom of information request, she went to court.

UGA Today: Marine scientists map fish habitats - Clark Alexander, professor and director of the University of Georgia Skidaway Institute of Oceanography at UGA has worked with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources "to improve understanding of marine, coastal and estuarine habitats and functions using high-resolution sonar to map state water bottoms."


11Alive.com: East Point Census competition offers prizes for children, teens - East Point, Georgia’s office of communication, in partnership with its GIS Division, is running a contest for students to help raise awareness of the 2020 Census. Elementary students are asked to design a poster, middle schoolers graphic art and high schooler's a public service announcement. Winners received Amazon technology prizes.

Fundala: Esri South Africa is selecting 30 secondary schools within South Africa to win a FundaLula solution, a teaching and learning toolkit that teaches fundamental Geography, mapwork and GIS concepts to learners from grade 10 to 12.


LinkedIn: Career Paths in GIS - Nathan Heazlewood, who works at Esri distributor Eagle Technology in New Zealand, offers some models.

Reddit: Can you explain your average work day? Do you like your job? Do you feel purpose? - A nice roundup of jobs and how much "GIS" and mapmaking different positions entail.

Programs and Courses

Times-Enterprise: TU introduces new Natural Resource and Conservation Management degree - "Beginning in the fall of 2020, Thomas University [GA] students can earn a bachelor’s degree in Natural Resource and Conservation Management. The program is designed to give students a background in biological, environmental and geospatial topics necessary for decisions in resources and conservation management."

The Review (University of Delaware): University adds new, profitable major that could help fight climate change - "The Department of Geography and Spatial Sciences recently developed a new program allowing students to obtain a Bachelor of Science in GIScience and Environmental Data Analytics."

University of Miami: New master's degree prepares students for the challenges of a changed world - The University of Miami is offering a new Master of Professional Science in Urban Sustainability and Resilience this fall. It's offered jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Geography and Regional Studies and the School of Architecture.


Twitter: Ken Field starts a thread: "I'm about to launch at ten part thread on making maps of coronavirus. Hang on to your COVID19 facemasks." He also writes about the topic on an Esri blog.

The Hill: Member of Trump's coronavirus task force asks Twitter for help with map of the epidemic - I just thought this was interesting.

KJRH: Local Coronavirus Confusion Cleared Up By Johns Hopkins - "A scare in Coffeyville and Dearing communities in Kansas has been calmed and cleared up by Johns Hopkins University after their coronavirus tracking map indicated active cases in that area." Via Ken Field.

NNY360: Coronavirus being tracked by SUNY Canton students - "The coronavirus tracking map developed by SUNY Canton students indicates confirmed cases of the virus in the United States with orange dots. The larger the dot, the more cases have been reported in that area. Students used ArcView GIS software from the mapping company Esri to generate their interactive map, which can be viewed online." The map is hosted in ArcGIS Online. I'm pretty sure ArcView GIS was not used in its creation.

Quote of the Week

You'd be surprised how many press releases like this are published!