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Thursday, May 28, 2020

GIS Ed Weekly: Winners from Bay College, Dutchtown High, Wollongong and Green Bay

On and Off Campus

Twitter: "This semester, the Community GIS class at UGA partnered with the Linnentown Project to digitize and provide analysis of records about the demolition of an African-American neighborhood near campus in the early 1960s." The thread includes links to the projects and student reflections. Via @cmaplab.

Moose Jaw Today: Sask Polytech could use student's year-end project in engineering course this fall - "A Saskatchewan Polytechnic student’s year-end project about the former Husky refinery site in Moose Jaw could be used as part of the environmental engineering program this fall." His was only one of the two projects using GIS in the Applied Research Student Showcase.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

GIS Ed Weekly: Dataviz for Cholera and COVID-19

Resources for Teaching and Learning

Extent of the cholera epidemic in 1849
Twitter: James Cheshire of UCL captures where John Snow's map of cholera fit into the maps of its day. He starts, "Here's a lesson for COVID-19 dataviz..."

UCGIS Blog: Reflections from a Decade of Online Teaching - Karen Kemp reflects on her work at USC. "Bottom line: Don’t try to do everything perfectly all at once and don't overload your students. Design your course thoughtfully, make sure everything included will have value to your students and that they will understand why they are learning it. And, importantly, design your assignments so they are easy to grade and clearly written so that your students understand what you are asking them to do without needing extra (time-consuming) guidance." I could not agree more. Via @dianamaps.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

GIS Ed Weekly: How will we teach this fall? HyFlex?


The First News: Teacher's pets: Teacher becomes online hit with guinea pig geography lessons - "The 20-minute-long video lessons show teacher Marta Łapińska-Kubiak from Poznań [western Poland] using maps, globes and presentations while her two pet guinea pigs Leoś and Sobieś wander across continents asking questions which she then answers." There are currently four lessons.

RIT: RIT graduate Peter Yeung found perfect fit within university’s deaf community - Yeung has three RIT degrees and works at NGA.