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Thursday, May 6, 2021

GIS Ed Weekly: Where did the first Americans come from?

Resources for Teaching and Learning

QCityMetro: How ‘Black on the Map’ tells the story of Black businesses in the Charlotte area - The crowdsourced effort "is pre-populated with more than 150 Black businesses and will be updated twice a month."

Bloomberg City Lab: Where Americans Are Moving - "Most people moved outward but stayed close to where they had been living. Many settled in suburbs within the region, or in satellite cities nearby. In two of America’s most expensive areas, migration patterns were more dramatic. 'The phrase or the concept of urban exodus, that really only applies to New York and San Francisco,' said one policy economist."

Thursday, April 29, 2021

GIS Ed Weekly: How long are COVID-19 mobility restrictions effective?

Resources for Teaching and Learning

Stamen: Introducing Scale-a-Tron - The new scale comparison tool promises "the clipped image will always* be accurate in terms of area." Really fun app to explore! I compared the area of my childhood swimming pond (Wedge Pond, outlined in pink) with a lake I ran around 20 times one night (Lake Quannapowitt). Via @stamen. 

Medium: The Rhetoric Behind the Coronavirus Propaganda Maps - Author Mathieu Guglielmino writes: "In this piece, I analyze about 30 maps related to the COVID-19 pandemic produced with an intent to persuade. They have been selected on a variety of topics such as lockdown protests, environment, inequality, spread, or even faith. Taken together, they draw the design space which can amount to much of the visual rhetoric of persuasive geocommunication. Doing so, I hope to promote maps as the storytelling device so that they are an advocate for a critical attitude towards media and data visualizations. The following maps can be either inaccurate or highly biased. Please do not use these as examples of what to do. I present them so that we may learn how to make more equitable work in the future."

Thursday, April 22, 2021

GIS Ed Weekly: Studying deepfake geography and searching for missing soldiers

Resources for Teaching and Learning

GAME: Superhero Maps - GAME, a UK seller of video games, used Google searches to determine, among other things, the most popular superhero by country. Spidey tops the list!

QGIS and ArcGIS Pro demo videos: Sterling Quinn shares resources from the Central Washington University GIS curriculum. He notes on Twitter, "I hope they'll be useful to teachers, students, and professionals. More updates to come..." Via @SterlingGIS.