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Thursday, October 15, 2020

GIS Ed Weekly: Beaver dams, 15 minute cities and a virtual field trip to the Adirondacks

Resources for Teaching and Learning 
Fast Company: This map tells you if you live in a ’15-minute city’ - The idea of the 15 minute city was discussed earlier this year when the Paris mayor touted the idea as part of a re-election bid. Fast Company tackled it this week with an embedded app from Here meant to identify U.S. cities that meet the criteria. 
Wikipedia: Dan Rather - I never knew this: "Rather began his career in Texas, becoming a national name after his reporting saved thousands of lives during Hurricane Carla in September 1961. Rather spontaneously created the first radar weather report by overlaying a transparent map over a radar image of Hurricane Carla. In his first national broadcast, he helped initiate the successful evacuation of 350,000 people." Via reddit/GIS.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

GIS Ed Weekly: Should SLU faculty train spies and warfighters?

COVID-19 Mapping 

College Crisis: Davidson College started  The College Crisis Initiative (C2i) "to learn how colleges and universities innovate in a crisis mindset." First up is a dashboard covering college education delivery plans during the pandemic. I first heard about the initiative via NPR, which has its own set of visualizations on college COVID-19 testing.

LinkedIn: Tanya Berger-Wolf, the director of the Translational Data Analytics Institute at OSU notes on LinkedIn that the Ohio State University was the only institution to receive an “A+” for its COVID19 dashboard according to We Rate Covid Dashboards, a website that rates college and university COVID dashboards. The team includes a number of students and faculty from Yale and other schools though it's unclear to me if they created the rubric or assigned the scores. I'm curious who is behind the site. If I had to guess I'd say tableau.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

GIS Ed Weekly: A fresh look at John Snow's scientific reasoning

GeoData News

Strava Blog: Strava announces Strava Metro, the largest active travel dataset on the planet, is now free and available to cities everywhere - Strava announced that Strava Metro, the largest active travel dataset ("human-powered transport information") on the planet, is now available and free of charge for urban planners, city governments and safe infrastructure advocates. 

NICFI: New satellite images to allow anyone, anywhere, to monitor tropical deforestation - Norway's Ministry of Climate and Environment is funding free access to monthly basemaps for the entire central swath of the world free. The data is from Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) and its partners Airbus and Planet.