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Thursday, January 12, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: Spatial Skills Booster Course Raises STEM Scores

Programs, Degrees, and Courses

Advanced Webinar: Land Cover Classification with Satellite Imagery is a free, two session course from NASA that illustrates using QGIS for imagery. It's two Tuesdays, for four hours each starting January 31. Those who complete the required activities will receive a certificate of completion. ht/ Philip Davis.

I noted the Power of Data Project, a professional development offering for U.S. secondary school educators last week (under Geo for All news). Directions Magazine has an article on it this week.

Supergeo will release a series of online tutorials and courses in January. Via press release.

Geo for All News

Geo for all is now on Twitter @Geo4All_. Don't be confused by @Geo4All (with no trailing underscore).


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Thursday, January 5, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: How to Determine the Center of North America and How Police Learn the Geography of Cities

Resources and Articles of Interest

Reddit/r/GIS: PSA: Codecademy is not for learning how to program - The difference between learning how to program and learning how to think like a programmer.

From Tim O'Reilly: The urgency of digital transformation and 5 tips on how to do it right - I met Tim O'Reilly some years ago; he's smart and seems to see and understand things before the rest of us.

XYHt: 40 under 40 2017: Remarkable Geospatial Professionals - This is the second year the magazine has published such a list; it's drawn from reader nominations and its staff's interactions with those in the field. There are two paragraph bios of these "young people" identified as "leaders." My suggestion to make the list more valuable: Ask each one to contribute a piece of advice for aspiring geospatial professionals.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

GIS Education Weekly: Favorite Maps, Most Popular MOOCs, No License

Resources and Articles of Note

Cartonerd Blog: Favorite maps from 2016 - Esri's Kenneth Field weighs in. Also includes some "not so favorites."

Not one of Kenneth Field's Favorites
Esri-UK's Making of the British Landscape story map is now live. h/t @GIS4HE

You may have heard that regulation related to crowdsourcing and federal agencies is awaiting the President's signature. Lea Shanley, PhD explains the upshot of the American Innovation and Competitiveness Act. "Section 402 makes clear that federal agencies may use crowdsourcing and voluntary, collaborative citizen science to advance their missions. This legislation will help agency staff get past the automatic 'no' of higher ups and general counsels who may be initially cautions of innovative new approaches."