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Thursday, February 20, 2020

GIS Education Weekly: Mapping Coronavirus, Marathoners and Shelter

Resources for Teaching and Learning

Current residence of women who qualified
for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. These
are counts, not rates.
USA Track and Field (USATF): USATF offers maps of the counts of olympic trial marathon qualifiers by state in two maps: a pink one for women and a blue one for men. Is this a reasonable thing to count rather than display as a rate? Shout out to one time Somerville Road Runner, Alex Taylor who qualified at 40. Via Victor Gonzalez.

Teaching with maps and GIS in K12 class - A Padlet from Esri's Tom Baker collecting "Easy, medium, and advanced ideas for using digital mapping tools (GIS) in a school classroom."  Via @trbaker on Twitter.

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Close Read: What You Need To Know About Location Intelligence In 2020

Another GIS Article on Forbes

A free generic map image from Pixabay.
The article uses one from Getty.
A post on LinkedIn liked by a college at Esri feted a contribution on Forbes titled What You Need To Know About Location Intelligence In 2020 by Louis Columbus. Another LinkedIn post called it "One of the best articles I have seen on the adoption of Location Intelligence."

I know many people are impressed when they see that something is hosted on Forbes.com since at one time, it was considered a top level business publication. Today it's a mishmash of earned content, contributions by paid bloggers (contributors) and paid content as I noted last year. For that reason, I suggest you look at content on Forbes.com with care.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

GIS Education Weekly: Educators Share Analogies, Animated Maps

Resources for Teaching and Learning

PublicSource: CMU created a map excluding Pittsburgh's Black Neighborhoods - The article discusses two situations where maps of the city did not meet the viewers' expectations.

Something About Maps (blog): Maps in the Kitchen - Daniel Huffman shares an analogy he uses when teaching introductory cartography. Does "Cartography is like cooking?" work for you? Via Andy Woodruff.