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Thursday, June 22, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: High Schoolers Map the Impact of Katrina on Crime and Collect Images on the Summer Solstice

A part of the overall winner's
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University of Minnesota: U-Spatial Prize Highlights Thought-Provoking Data Maps - University of Minnesota's U-Spatial, which supports spatial research as part of the Office of the Vice President for Research’s Research Computing unit, selected nine submissions out of 50 as winners of its 2017 Mapping Prize.

Inside Sources: Geography Increasingly a Priority for Schools, Employers - The article covers the American Geographical Society's vision for education and its support for APHG and AP GIS&T. There is commentary on open source vs. proprietary software: "In general, the availability of free or open source data platforms has not always been good news for the incumbents in other industries. Education publishing companies for example have been reeling in recent years from the competition of freely available or cheap web-based lesson plans. [Chris] Tucker [chairman of the board of AGS], however, does not believe that the same dynamic is at work in the geography space, saying that he thinks the public and private sides of the market are 'feeding off one another' as the sector continues to grow."

Thursday, June 15, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: Students Map Chinatown Sounds, Abortion Clinics and Class Gifts

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The Harvard Map Collection offers a story map of its current exhibition, Manuscript Maps.

At right is a graduation cap tweeted from Loudoun County (VA) Public Schools Geospatial Science program (@LCPS_GIS). The student in question included two counties on the mortar board: Loudoun (left) and Rockingham (right, home to James Madison and Geospatial Semester). I'd be ok with the lower text being "It's GIS."

Consumer Reports: Car Insurance Companies Charge Higher Rates in Some Minority Neighborhoods - An April 2017 report from ProPublica asserts: "First-of-its-kind data analysis finds price differences that can't be explained by risk alone."

Thursday, June 8, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: A Playable Simulation of Segregation, Mapping School Safety in L.A.

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Resources and Articles

Education is Not Football - I like the graphic and its suggestion about multiple options for educating students. 

Parable of the Polygons - A playable simulation about neighbors and segregation based on game theory. It's spatial and raises some interesting questions.

XKCD: State Word Map - Satire. h/t @cartonerd