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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: The New Master of City Analytics Degree


Visual Capitalist: Top Private Employers in Each State - The map makes clear that in 22 states that employer is Walmart. In other states it's a health care operation or a state university.

GI Learner is developing "a complete learning line to effectively implement geospatial thinking in secondary education." You can visit the pilot course materials from this page (click on "Acces  to the pilot materials of the course").

Thursday, November 16, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: Cartographers Jump All Over Politico's Map

This Poltico map of UM students had
the cartographers active on Twitter.

A cartographer on Twitter dissed Politico for its non-normalized map of students.

The MSU GeoBlog has many "how I became a geographer" posts.

The folks at CityLab are launching a fortnightly newsletter called MapLab. It'll include "newsworthy mapping efforts, fascinating cartographers, snippets of history, eye-popping data visuals, and intriguing map links."

Thursday, November 9, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: GAW and GIS Day are Upon Us!


This is the edition I have; It was
assigned in my Cartography
course circa 1985.
How to Lie with Maps: The 3rd edition with the new chapters, which "look good," per @undertheraedar, is expected in May. Via @undertheraedar.

New York Times: Where the STEM Jobs Are (and Where They Aren’t) - "What recent studies have made increasingly apparent is that the greatest number of high-paying STEM jobs are in the “T” (specifically, computing)."