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Thursday, December 14, 2017

GIS Education News: A UAS MOOC, Poverty Mapping, More Free Software for Students and Faculty


Number of international students a state hosted in 2016-2017
U.S. News: Map: 10 States That Attract International Students - Could it be the states with the most colleges and universities? Twitter cartographers call for normalizing the data.

Stanford News: An artificial intelligence algorithm developed by Stanford researchers can determine a neighborhood’s political leanings by its cars - "Stanford researchers are using computer algorithms that can see and learn to analyze millions of publicly available images on Google Street View to determine the political leanings of a given neighborhood just by looking at the cars on the streets."

Thursday, December 7, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: New Online Programs, Updates to Existing Ones and More Free Courses


Patents granted per 1,000 children, by metropolitan area

NYTimes: Lost Einsteins: The Innovations We’re Missing - David Leonhard explains a favorite saying of Mitch Kapor: "Genius is evenly distributed by Zip Code [sic], but opportunity is not." Via @timoreilly.

Wandering Cartographer: Buffering (or haloing) text over complex backgrounds using the Screen blend mode - Tutorial on print mapping using QGIS and InkScape from 2014. Via @mappingmashups.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: The Search for Happy Cities

Journal of Maps Best Map Award Winner

Daniel M. Stephen & Bernhard Jenny won the Journal Of Maps Best Map of 2017 award. The full paper (open access) is available online.

2017 Information is Beautiful Awards - Some lovely maps and visualizations to explore.