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Thursday, June 23, 2016

GIS Education Weekly: My New Job, CCSU Certificate, Students Map Beer Caves

News from Adena

I've accepted a position on Esri's education team. I'll start in July focusing on MOOCs and universities. Unfortunately, I will miss the Esri Education GIS and User Conference this year.

Courses, Programs and Degrees

Central Connecticut State University

Thad J. Dymkowski, GISP, an instructor at Central Connecticut State University, answered a few questions about that school's GIS certificate program, which I mentioned last week.

1. I do not see any mention of programming, though I do see the creation of Web apps in the third course. Is there a programming component?
Students are introduced to OOP [object oriented programming] as a general topic first, discussing the general theory behind OOP. There are topic specific lectures and lessons on programming in Python as well as JavaScript/HTML. The Python lecture is an in-depth introduction of the basic building blocks, scripting syntax, and the use of it within the ArcMap environment as well as the ModelBuilder environment. The other programming lecture in the third class discusses API's in the context of JavaScript, HTML/CSS, Silverlight (though less so now due to its devaluation), as well as programming for Apple IOS and Android. Students are introduced to the syntax as well as the coding environments.
2. What software is used beyond Esri’s? I only see Esri.
GIS software (general) is covered in course 1 highlighting all the major companies and organizations on the market, in addition to open source software throughout the program. Course 2 covers open source GIS in further depth and specifics with nods given to QGIS, uDig, and a few others. Because of its prevalence in the industry, Esri is the foundational software used in the course.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

GIS Education Weekly: New Google Maps API Course, Map of U.S. Jobs vs. Skills, Rethinking the Cartography Curriculum

Programs, Degrees and Courses

Google announced a new, two week, at your own pace, free course on Udacity about its Google Maps APIs. "This course will introduce you to the content available through the Google Maps APIs." h/t Jim Lacy.

Last week's Q&A regarding the UCLA Extension's GIS certificate prompted this comment from Thad J. Dymkowski, GISP, an instructor in the GIS certificate program at Central Connecticut State University. "[CCSU] offers a very similar GIS Certificate program through their Office of Continuing Education, with the same GTCM foundation as UCLA, for a fraction of that cost... and it provides the added bonus of Saturday classes [details] and having a significant on-line portion as well allowing students- both traditional and non-traditional, to work on their schedule for their convenience!"


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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Esri User Conference Q & A: Notes for Educators

When I worked for GIS publications, I always enjoyed reading the detailed Q&A (HTMLpdf) Esri provided before the User Conference. I want to share share some of the content that's especially relevant to those involved in education. Here's the 2015 article for comparison.

1) What major initiatives will Esri talk about at this year’s User Conference?

These two points from the long list have implications for educators.
1)...Extending GIS to serve the civic community. This is actually being done in the City of Los Angeles with their GeoHub project. This pattern promises to extend the world of GIS to support the entire community (civic, schools, NGOs, businesses, etc.), not just the city.