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Thursday, February 20, 2020

GIS Education Weekly: Mapping Coronavirus, Marathoners and Shelter

Resources for Teaching and Learning

Current residence of women who qualified
for the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials. These
are counts, not rates.
USA Track and Field (USATF): USATF offers maps of the counts of olympic trial marathon qualifiers by state in two maps: a pink one for women and a blue one for men. Is this a reasonable thing to count rather than display as a rate? Shout out to one time Somerville Road Runner, Alex Taylor who qualified at 40. Via Victor Gonzalez.

Teaching with maps and GIS in K12 class - A Padlet from Esri's Tom Baker collecting "Easy, medium, and advanced ideas for using digital mapping tools (GIS) in a school classroom."  Via @trbaker on Twitter.

Twitter: Public historian Larry Nebula asks about tools to turn vital records into visualizations and the community responds with many suggestions. Via @mapninja.

Lutra Consulting: Collecting data using QGIS and Input app - "In this post, we will walk you through basic steps to set up a survey project in QGIS desktop and using it in Input app to collect data in field using your Android of iPhone/iPad device." The solution uses the Mergin service. Via @mapserving.

ZDNet: Python programming language: Now you can take NSA's free course for beginners - An individual made a FOIA request for the course, received it, OCR'd it and posted it. "The COMP 3321 course can be completed over a 'full-time, two-week block' with 10 modules covered per week." I'm not sure why it might be better than any other python course. 

BBC: How a misleading coronavirus map went global - "Here's how a decade-old map showing global air travel was used incorrectly by news websites across the world, leading to headlines such as 'New map reveals no country safe from coronavirus tentacles and 'Terrifying map reveals how thousands of Wuhan travellers could have spread coronavirus to 400 cities worldwide.'" Via Ken Field.

Penn State Online Geospatial Education (FB): Mapping the Coronavirus Outbreak - The collection of resources was recently updated. Unfortunately, the Facebook platform does not indicate when it was updated.

Directions Magazine: What Keeps College GIS Courses Relevant? - Two faculty members at Elmhurst College discuss the school's GIS program in this sponsored article. Would you have noticed it was sponsored if I didn't mention it? Does it matter that it's sponsored? 

Ignite Education: Close Read: What You Need To Know About Location Intelligence In 2020 - Many people shared a post about location intelligence on Forbes.com over the last few days. I did a close read to help evaluate if it should be at the top of your "authoritative" pile or perhaps a bit further down.


Daily Press: Geographer explains industry and coming changes during W&M lecture - "Carter Christopher, Ph.D and deputy to the geographer of the United States at the U.S. State Department, and 2001 graduate of William & Mary, came back to the campus to deliver a lecture on what entails to be a geographer and geospatial scientist in the 21st century." The Flat Hat, the school's paper, also covered Christopher's presentation.

Duke Today: National Security Expert Sue Gordon Named Rubenstein Fellow at Duke - "Susan M. 'Sue' Gordon, a former top official in the U.S. intelligence community, will join Duke University as a Rubenstein Fellow in August 2020." She'll teach "courses in political science and public policy on issues related to national security and leadership in the public sphere."

The Bottom Line News: Geography Professor Donates Books in Home Country of Ghana - "Dr. James Saku, a professor in the Department of Geography [at Frostburg State], recently traveled to his home country of Ghana, West Africa where he donated books to the Institute for Environment and Sanitation Studies (IESS). The donated books included copies of The Professional Geographer, a quarterly journal published by the American Association of Geographers, and textbooks on climatology, biogeography, geology, and economic geography, among other topics."


GISCI: 2020 Map Contest - There are monetary prizes, waivers of GISP fees and potential for winning maps to be displayed at the Esri User Conference. You can use any technology you want to make your map.

PCI Geomatics: PCI Geomatics Young Scholars Program - The program recognizes the exemplary work of Canadian students in remote sensing offering money and a trip to a conference in Yellowknife, NT in July as prizes. Students create a poster and short paper to apply. Submissions are due by March 30. Via Stephanie Long.

Quote of the Week
The things delaying the uptake of OER and fizzling out of the traditional textbook publishing industry are not technical things. They are political things. They are economic things. They are social things. Stop throwing tech at the problems. Pls.
- Billy Meinke on Twitter. Via Audrey Watters. Agreed. Change is about people, not technology. I'm taking a MOOC on change in education. Join me!

On and Off Campus

University of Georgia: UGA launches coronavirus tracker - "The University of Georgia Center for the Ecology of Infectious Diseases has launched a new Coronavirus Tracker. " The tracker is the work of CEID’s Coronavirus Working Group.

University of Toronto Press Blog: Geospatial 3D Printing—An Experiment at the Intersection of Exploratory Research and Community Outreach - "... we processed a number of government open datasets, and transformed elevation data and building footprints into numerous 3D models of regional landscapes and local city neighbourhoods."

Study Space Finder - University of Calgary: A story map from student Claire Mah. Via Iain Greensmith on LinkedIn.

Daily Nexus (UCSB): Interactive Campus Map Will Relaunch After Geography Department Receives Additional Funding - The map went offline in January; officials say it needs to be updated. This is interesting: "While Hall and his team await the approval and funding they need to relaunch the map, they are working to improve certain elements of it, such as its access to the Environmental Systems Research Institute and Aeronautical Reconnaissance Coverage Geographic Information System, information databases that provide geographic data, Hall said." Aeronautical Reconnaissance Coverage Geographic Information System? The acronym is ArcGIS!

Programs and Courses

The Telegram: LETTER: Budgets cuts at MUN — another deep cut into the future of Newfoundland and Labrador - "In the Department of Geography at Memorial, these cuts have a direct effect on our ability to offer the range of academic programming that results in graduates that are in demand in the local job market."

Careers Insights 

Reddit: Should I go to the QGIS workshop at my school? - I paraphrased the question and will continue to paraphrase the details: "I know some ArcMap, so would the first intro workshop be a waste of my time?" Posted answer: Go! Adena's answer: Go, but also be sure to review the law of two feet so you can leave without guilt if you are not learning or not contributing.

Reddit: I don't want to go to the GIS conference to which my company wants to send me! - Again, I paraphrased the title and will continue to paraphrase the details: "I have a masters and a GISP and 10 years of experience but do not know how to raise this issue with my supervisor." Posted answers include: "just go" and "try to explain some other conference would be better." Adena's answer: This would be a great topic to discuss with a mentor (who is not your supervisor). If you don't have one, this might be a good time to get one!

Reddit: What makes some people more successful than others in GIS? - Of the three Reddit threads in this section, this is the best one to read; there are some valuable insights here.

Twitter: "Domain knowledge in spatial analysis. Domain knowledge in GIS Domain knowledge in programming. Good luck. When will people realise these are not one and the same thing?" Ken Field responds to a job posting with many, many qualifications.

Opportunities and Events

NYS GIS: 1st Annual QGIS Conference – April 3, 2020 - The free 50 person event to be held at Cornell is sold out. The organizers are looking for ways to include more people, perhaps via a live stream.

Guerrilla Cartography: Call for Maps - Guerrilla Cartography is seeking maps, ideas, cartographers, and researchers for an atlas on shelter. This is the third crowdsourced atlas; the first two covered food and water. Key dates: submission of ideas/volunteers due March 30th, 2020, 11:59 PM PST; submission of actual maps due June 15th, 2020, 11:59 PM PST.