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Thursday, April 5, 2018

GIS Education Weekly: OSGeo UN Education Challenge, New Plan Coming for Stevens Point

Confederate-Named Schools

Education Week: Map: Where Are Confederate-Named Schools? - "Most schools with names tied to the Confederacy are in the South, were built or named after 1950, and have a student body that is majority non-white."


UIC College of Pharmacy PhD Student Katie Ozenberger will spend two months in Jordan to studying geospatial methods to measure drug utilization among refugee communities. Her work is funded by the Douglas Passaro Global Horizon Scholarship from the School of Public Health. Via @UICPharmDean on Twitter.

ZGIS Blog: Helena Mitasova awarded 2018 Waldo Tobler GIScience Prize - "The Austrian Academy of Sciences through its Commission for GIScience is awarding the GIScience Prize named after Prof Waldo Tobler to a scientist having demonstrated outstanding and sustained contributions to the discipline worthy of inspiring young scientists in Geoinformatics and Geographic Information Science, and having accomplished significant advances in research and education.The received nominations were reviewed and assessed by an external panel of peers, who unanimously recommended to award the 2018 prize to Prof Helena Mitasova (North Carolina State University)."

April Fools' Day and Geo

I'm not a fan of April Fools' Day, but I found myself involved this year. (Google) Maps Mania's Keir Clarke poked fun at Esri's upcoming MOOC Cartography. On Tuesday Clarke followed up. I also saw:

Programs and Courses
Washington Post: After backlash over plan to cut 13 humanities majors, U-Wisconsin campus drawing up second proposal - "Facing backlash from students, faculty and alumni over a plan to drop 13 liberal arts majors, leaders of the University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point have directed a campus committee to draw up an alternative, according to Provost Greg Summers." The new proposal is expected in early May and will be considered along with the original one.

Education News

Inside Higher Ed: Are You Flipping the Wrong Way? - "...[A]ccording to the Flipped Learning Global Initiative, a for-profit organization that wants to increase adoption of flipped learning and offers its own training courses, many educators, and people who train educators, are using outdated techniques."

Education Dive: Drones help connect the dots on math, coding concepts - There's no mention of drone use in collecting data to better understand geography, however.

For Students

RICS: Government gives go ahead for Geospatial Apprenticeships - The Secretary of State for Education, Damien Hinds, gave final band approval for Geospatial Technician and Geospatial and Science Degree Apprenticeships. Via @geocommunity.

Daily Collegian: Map-a-thon: How to take part in Geospatial Information System Coalition’s latest event - The Penn State YouthMappers organization is hosting a HOT OSM event on campus. (See also: #HOTLunch in the Resources section above.)

On and Off Campus

Western Illinois University News: WIU Anthropology Students to Create Geoglyph on Campus April 14 - It's the final project for an anthro course, but the cool part: "Chad Sperry, director of the WIU GIS Center, will fly a drone over the image to photograph it from an aerial perspective."

Ole Miss News: University Hosts 30th Annual State Geography Bee - "Festivities will include the Geographic Bee, National Geographic educator certification, Explorer Classroom programs, giant map explorations, Virtual Reality Geography, Edible Geography, GPS activities and an ARC/GIS [sic] mapping activity."

OSGeo UN Committee Educational Challenge

The OSGeo UN Committee is inviting proposals for developing open geospatial educational material on three topics. There's USD 3,000 for each challenge winner sponsored by OSGeo and Boundless. Further, winners will be guided by mentors from Boundless, the UN Open GIS Initiative or OSGeo to ensure that the material meets the requirements of the "client." Proposals (up to five pages) are due April 30.

Here are the topics for which education material is needed:
  1. applying the GeoSHAPE platform to assist in a real-life scenario 
  2. using GeoAnalysis library 
  3. working with with free and open source geospatial software and freely available global open datasets (higher interest in high resolution datasets) on tasks that contribute towards achieving at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goal 
Evaluation Rubric:
  • Proposer is an OSGeo Charter Member: 10 (max) 
  • Proposer’s documented experience in education and training: 20 (max) 
  • Proposer’s age (20 if < 40 years old; 0 if >40 years old): 20 (max) 
  • Experience with respect to what is proposed by the specific challenge: 10 (max) 
  • Proposal: 40 (max)