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Thursday, December 18, 2014

GIS Education Weekly: Geo Course Syllabi Database, QGIS MOOC, BOK News

Note from Adena

I'll be continuing my regular Thursday recap of GIS education news here on the Ignite Education Blog. Please share news and stories with me via e-mail.

BOK 2.0 Ready for Review

University Consortium for GIScience President Steven Prager announced availability of its GIS&T Body of Knowledge for review.
...we would like to invite the community to take some time to review, contemplate and comment on the future of GIScience education. The report, available on the UCGIS website, is a major milestone heading down the path toward the new BoK2.0. We have created a forum space for commentary and discussion in association with this product and the BoK2.0 more generally.

National database for GIST and GeoTech Syllabi

The GeoTech Center is trying to build a database of GIS and geospatial technology syllabi. You can add your information by filling out a form and sending on content (details here). The database will be publicly accessible; no license is noted. I'm hopeful this request will eventually be publicly available on the GeoTech Center website, perhaps under the "news" section.

In other GeoTech Center news, it's time for award nominations.
Please nominate your Awardee and help recognize them for their contribution to geospatial education! The Nomination Form with more information about the Awards is available http://www.geotechcenter.org/distinguished-geospatial-education-awards-for-2015.html.
Directions Magazine won one last year. The glass globe is on my mantle.
Elementary Students Create Audio Tour
Teton Valley is a travel destination and now some tourists will get to hear about the valley’s history thanks to the work of students at the Teton Valley Community School. 
Third through sixth grade students helped put together the audio tour that can be heard on the smartphone app, TravelStorysGPS. The audio entries were researched, written and recorded by the students themselves. They are triggered and played using GPS coordinates, so that the tour plays automatically as people drive through the area.
Geo for All 2015

In addition to noting new Geo for All member University of Queensland, Australia, lead Suchith Anand notes his vision for 2015:
In 2015, i suggest that for "Geo for All" we expand this idea [sustainable cities] to focus on using the Open Geospatial Labs that we are building in universities worldwide to expand research by bringing together colleagues from other departments in your universities for expanding in three key areas where there is Big Data focus in research and development.
  • Urban Data Science
  • Transport Science & Applications
  • Environment and Climate Science
He also lauded some "Geo for All" Heroes.

Mapping Lava

Students at the University of Hawaiʻi Maui College are mapping the Puna lava flow on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi as part of their certificate studies. The GIS data will be shared with the US Geological Survey and the Hawaiʻi Volcanoes Observatory as part of a monitoring solution.

Alabama High Schoolers Study College Level GIS
According to instructor Lt. Col. Norman Lier, the World and Regional Geography class taught this semester at the school is the only class in the Southeast that offers the opportunity to receive both college and high school credit while at the same time teaching students how to utilize geographic information systems (GIS) technology and tools.

...Lier said Russellville High School partnered with the University of North Alabama’s geography department and the Franklin County GIS Consortium to make the class possible. UNA provided geography graduate students John Tyler Hardin, who is a Russellville graduate, and Jesse Lane as instructors for the GIS portion of the class. The Alabama Geographic Alliance provided the textbooks for the class, and the Franklin County Community Development Commission helped fund the students’ dual enrollment tuition so the class could be offered free of charge.
I found no mention of Esri, ConnectED, the Department of Labor or sadly, a description of GIS.


Per Phil Davis:
The GeoMOOC on FOSS4G and QGIS you've been waiting for arrives in Feb 2015. Sign up today
Continuing education credit is available. The self-paced course is hosted by Del Mar College and runs February, 23 2015 - March 27, 2015.