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Thursday, October 14, 2021

GIS Ed Weekly: Philosophy lecturer uses video game map in presentation; students freak out

Resources for teaching and learning

 Veterinary colleges and minority-serving
institutions 2021
JVMA News: Map connects veterinary colleges, minority-serving institutions - "In an effort to promote recruitment of, collaboration with, and increased access and opportunity for underrepresented students, the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges has created an interactive map featuring locations of veterinary colleges along with institutions of higher education that serve minority populations, announced the AAVMC’s Vet-Med Educator newsletter." I was unable to find a legend to explain the colored dots' meanings.

Smithsonian: This Interactive Map Lets Users Explore England’s Hidden Archaeological Landscape - A new online tool draws on more than 500,000 aerial photographs taken over the past 30 years.

Dual Shockers: Lecturer Hilariously Uses Genshin Impact's Waypoints Map to Teach - "Aside from being just a funny and unexpected place to see Genshin Impact, the map used in the lecture shows how important travel mechanics like Waypoints are. As the [philosphy] lecturer says, people are most likely to take the shortest route to complete a task – and it’s no different in games." The game is an "open-world action RPG."

Colorado School of Public Health: Study finds correlation between rural geography and access to handguns, suicidality among Colorado teenagers - "Researchers then analyzed firearm access and suicidality survey data based on geography. Rurality correlates strongest with ease of access to handguns, identifying communities at highest risk for high suicide planning prevalence among high school-aged students. The results indicate 21 schools in 19 counties with high prevalence of both easy access to firearms and planning suicide, of which 18 are rural, with 14 in more remote areas of the state."

Edutopia: The Early History of Edtech - "A new book covers the pre–digital era history of educational technology, including the work of B. F. Skinner, who, as this excerpt shows, downplayed the work of the only woman on his team." The article is an excerpt from Teaching Machines: The History of Personalized Learning by Audrey Watters.

Twitter: Sophie Kolston asks: "I'm trying to fight hard to get QGIS (and FOSS in general) taught at UoA over ArcGIS. Any tips for a compelling argument?" Via Sterling Quinn who shares a response which pretty much parallels mine.

On and off campus

St. Mary's: Nationally known, on-campus business garners 99% placement rate for student workers -  "In its 25-year history, more than 500 graduate and undergraduate students have worked [at GeoSpatial Services] on a variety of projects, which largely revolve around creating and analyzing natural resource information. Job placement has been an astounding 99%..."

LaCrosse Tribune: Saint Mary’s GeoSpatial Services continues work with tribes - "Saint Mary’s University’s on-campus project center GeoSpatial Services has collaborated with a variety of big-name, national businesses and organizations on natural resource management and mapping, but our ongoing work with Native American tribes has been particularly meaningful and fulfilling."

The University Star: Texas State students map Hurricane Ida disaster zones with national, federal agencies  - "Students in Texas State's Geographical Information System (GIS) program assisted the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) in mapping disaster zones caused by Hurricane Ida this September. ...they conducted imagery analysis of damaged structures using the FEMA Crowdsourced Damage Assessment app. As of now, Texas State students have helped complete 28,000 out of 29,300 damage assessments made."

The Rossland Telegraph: Mentoring a student while mapping critical locations in Rossland - "...the City [Rossland] hired Connor Lane, a student of Selkirk College’s Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program. His role has been to scour Rossland with a GPS receiver to inventory its underground utility assets."

UC Merced: Get Up and Move: HSRI Maps Routes for Walking Meetings - UC Merced’s Health Sciences Research Institute offer different mapped routes for in-motion meetings.

Cornell Chronicle: Student-designed ‘TCAT to Trails’ map plots path to nature - "Cornell students from the Design Connect team – a group within the College of Architecture, Art and Planning – have researched, designed and prepared the first “TCAT to Trails” (pdf) map, which debuted in August. It’s a guide to outdoor adventure, via public transit, in Tompkins County."


The Straits Times: NUS professor awarded prestigious 'Nobel Prize' for geography - "NUS announced that Professor Brenda Yeoh, the Raffles Professor of Social Sciences and Director for Humanities and Social Science Research at the NUS Office of the Deputy President (Research & Technology), has been awarded the international Vautrin Lud Prize 2021." She specializes in migration issues.

In MemoriamJonathan Shewchuk of Berkeley provides a memorial for Martin Isenburg with lots of background into his academic career, including how his mental illness derailed it. Via Howard Butler.


2021 Borchert Lecture - In celebration of GIS Day, Dr. Michelle LaRue will be giving this year's Borchert Lecture, "From cougars to penguins: Pushing boundaries in spatial ecology." LaRue  was featured on MPR Climate Cast and elsewhere for her work conducting the first-ever count of Weddell Seals in Antarctica. Via HigherEd-L.


This new StoryMap Collection includes the latest apps and imagery to bring the La Palma volcanic eruption to life in the classroom. Via Jason Sawle.

ArcGIS Online Competition for US High School & Middle School Students - "Esri challenges US students to conduct and share projects about something in their home state. Esri's 2022 ArcGIS Online Competition is open to high school ("HS," gr.9-12) and middle school ("MS," gr.4-8) students in participating states in the US who can gather, create, analyze, interpret, and present data via an ArcGIS StoryMap. States have to present their data to Esri by May 18, 2022. Final results will be announced May 31, 2022."
Sharing Experiences in Teaching Spatial Data Science - Webinar registration is now open for the online event Thursday, October 28 at 10 a.m. (PT). Via Rosemary Boone.

Call for Presentations: GIScience Research Sessions (pdf) - Sessions requested for Esri User Conference July 11-15, 2022 San Diego, California. Via Michael Gould.

Teaching Earth Science with Interactive Maps! - This National Association of Science Teachers webinar with the Esri education team is Thursday Oct 21 at 1 pm PT and will explore the spheres of the world from global to local scale through interactive maps.