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Thursday, May 2, 2019

GIS Education Weekly: Mapping Murders on Campus

Resources for Teaching and Learning

Charlotte Observer: Where campus murders happen - The map uses data from the U.S. Department of Education. How else might you represent the data? Which is more important: location, time, or the change over time?

University of Bristol: School choice does not achieve social mix across schools - "A new study has found that school choice is associated with higher levels of segregation among school children from different socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds."

Washington Post: The idea that most people can’t find themselves on a map during severe weather is flawed - This is a response to the recent study cited by a popular weather person on the topic is from Kim Klockow-McClain, a researcher who studies behavioral science focused on weather and climate risk.

Washington Post: Kirk Goldsberry once mapped food deserts and flood data. Now his maps are changing the NBA. - Students may be surprised at the breadth of use geospatial technologies. Via Brian Timoney.

Esri (GeoNet): Analyzing Change over Space and Time with The Landsat Lens - Joseph Kerski offers an alternative, and a lesson, to replace one the used the now shuttered Esri Change Matters site.

LinkedIn: Nathan Heazlewood (NZ) asks "Are universities teaching enough about what to expect when graduates enter the workforce? Should they get ‘pre-canned’ clean data to work with or data that may need tidying up (as is unfortunately a common experience in the real world)?" He shared the graphic at right.

LinkedIn: Explain GIS Better - Esri's David DiBiase examines responses from a conference contest to explain GIS in lay terms. My takeaway is that each of us needs to find our own way to explain GIS, not that there's any one "best" way.


PCC Curier: Geography professor brings the world to PCC - Pasadena City College Professor Héctor Agredano teaches GIS Geography Information Systems. He's an activist-scholar pursuing a PhD in Geography at the CUNY Graduate Center.

LinkedIn: Stephanie Long, received the Mary Beth Booth Award for Outstanding Service by an Extramural Educator from The Department of Geography at Texas State University. "This award is in recognition of educators like Mary Beth Booth who have a history of preparing their students for success." Stephanie is the only person I know who is teaching GIS using competency-based education principles; she teaches at Austin Community College.

The Red & Black: Redcoat drum major will serve as student UGA undergraduate commencement speaker - The University of Georgia spring undergraduate commencement speaker is Joshua Clifford; he's also the Redcoat Marching Band drum major. He's an undergraduate assistant at the Community Mapping Lab and will graduate with a bachelor’s degrees in geography and comparative literature and a certificate in geographic information science. After graduation, he's moving to Portland, ME to intern at Esri.

On and Off Campus

The Daily Camera: Growing Up Boulder collaborates with 700 elementary students on city map - Elementary students learned about mapmaking and actually contributed to a kid friendly map of their city. I love this quote from a first grader: "“On a regular map, there are a lot of words, and some kids can’t read words. This map has lots of pictures and less words.”

NPR: Teachers Use Mystery Skype To Give Students A Window On The World - "Only 25% of eighth graders score proficient in geography on standardized tests. Some teachers are using a video chat game to engage kids in the world around them."

Programs and Courses

Udemy: Advanced SAR Training - The free course, from the Director of Marketing and Communications at PCI Geomatics covers the theory and application practices for InSAR, polarimetry and compact polarimetry. The course includes 34 videos that span three and a half hours.


GITA: Webinar: How to Create an Amazing GIS Career - The webinar is today at 12-1 pm EDT. Rachel Kornak, GIS Career Coach and Instructor, will speak.