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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

GIS Education Weekly: ArcGIS Online, A Blog Returns, GISP Exam

The Map Room Returns!

Jonathan Crowe wrote The Map Room blog for eight years, until 2011, when he shut it due to burn out. Now he reports, it's coming back, likely in January.
I’ve made a decision to restart The Map Room. If all goes well, the new version will go live some time in January 2016 — next month.
The business model include Patreon, so go help him fund the effort if you are so inclined.

Graduating Students can take ArcGIS Online Map with Them (...if their school has 3rd party software)

The educational institution needs to have software from GeoJobe (@GEOjobeGIS). Its tweet:
Congrats 2015 #graduates. Ask your University #ArcGISOnline Admin about taking your content with u.
GeoJobe's Senior VP Neill Jobe told me the company will be providing more information about the use of its product (Admin Tools) in education in the new year.

Fulcrum at Green Mountain College

The filed data collection software from Spatial Networks is used at Vermont's Green Mountain College per this case study by the school's GIS guy, John Van Hoesen. Fulcrum does not have a full fledged educational program but will work with interested institutions.

On Geographic Education

Lyzi Diamond, currently at Mapbox and involved in Maptime, published this essay on November 18, 2014. If you've not read it, I suggest you do.

GISP Exam News

One of the people who noted on Reddit/GIS that s/he took the GISP exam got word that s/he did not pass. The person plans to appeal "because of the lack of test preparation and practical application."

Esri GIS Education News

Do It Yourself Apps MOOC Start Date/Sign Up

Esri announced details of its app MOOC over the weekend.
The start date is February 3 and the website includes an intro video and registration information.

New Activity on Real Time Weather
A new activity based on ArcGIS Online invites students to analyze real-time weather data. I wrote the activity for university students but upper secondary students with some GIS background could use it as well, particularly if beforehand they work through the How’s the Weather? Geoinquiry.
Esri's Joseph Kerski posted that on a blog on December 18. Note that this is not a GeoInquiry - it requires two or three hour long class periods. Esri offers a search tool for its education activities but I'm not sure this one is listed. yet.

Recent Post(s) at Ignite Education

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for reading the past year's newsletters and posts. MailChimp (who hosts my newsletter) and Google (who hosts my blog) report you regularly read and clickthrough on the topics I cover. It's great to know what I'm writing is valuable.

I'll be enjoying some time off in the next ten days since our corner of education should be pretty quiet until the new year. Look for the next newsletter in January!