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Thursday, January 31, 2019

GIS Education Weekly: New Masters Degrees Address Social Science, Offshore Wind


Deploying Planet's "Dove" Satellites
CBS: Private company launches "largest fleet of satellites in human history" to photograph Earth - If you missed it, 60 Minutes profiled Planet and covered earth imagery topics on Sunday night.

Azavea Blog: How Azavea Selects Projects - Have you seen how employees are protesting the projects leadership choose to pursue? Read about how Azavea (a B corporation) selects projects in a blog post from CEO Robert Cheetham.

AMDGS: ArcGIS v QGIS: An educators perspective (2019 update) - Dr. Andrew Miles shares his perspective.

EJInsights: Education: How to prepare young people for the future - "Recently, Tan Boon Khai, Chief Executive of Singapore Land Authority spoke at the United Nations, pointing out that two kinds of abilities are required to solve problems: (1) spatial mindset – because over 80 percent of the data involves location element, young people should develop the ability to think about how we can use location and geospatial data to solve problems; (2) diverse skillsets – as Tan pointed out, most innovation comes from a 'recombination of things' that had been invented before."


Draw the Lines: Fall 2018 Contest Winners - Could this be the most success mapping contest in recent years?

GISCI: 2019 Mapping Contest - Maps due at the end of March. Note: "We encourage the use of Esri ArcGIS products, as the winners will be displayed in the Esri 2019 UC Map Gallery."

GeoTech Center: Reminder that 2019 Undergraduate Geospatial Technology Skills Competition opens for registration February 25th and closes on March 8, 2019 at 1pm eastern. I encourage educators to assign students to participate either as part of a course or as extra credit.

Courses and Programs 

Chicago: MA Program in Social Sciences - UChicago's Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences (MAPSS) offers a new Concentration in Geographic Information Science starting Autumn 2019. It has five required courses. Via @GeoDaCenter.

Penn State: Libraries offers maps and geospatial info sessions for Spring 2019 - There are sessions on concepts and specific software.

Tufts: New Master's Degree in Offshore Wind Energy Engineering - Tufts offers the first graduate program in the country, integrating engineering with policy and economics. Among the electives is GIS.

The Parthenon: Geography Department experiences growth - Marshall University’s Geography Department is growing: graduate students in the Geography Department doubled between fall semester of 2017 and spring semester of 2019.

Texas State: Geographies of the Holocaust - "This spring semester will find Dr. Alberto Giordano, of the Texas State Department of Geography, teaching a class in the Honors College with the title: Geographies of the Holocaust and Genocide."

On and Off Campus

Yale Daily News: Geographica Digitalis - An exhibit on campus, Navigating the World: Geospatial Approaches at Yale looks at the past and present of GIS at the New Haven, CT university.

Austin Peay: GIS Center's virtual reality drone lab immerses students in real-world experience - "The Austin Peay computer science students are helping establish a virtual reality drone laboratory at the APSU GIS Center on campus, and they’re having to learn new coding and technology along the way."

WUNC: NC State Researchers Want To Hear Your Backyard For A New Mapping Project - Scientists at North Carolina State University are creating a map of the natural and man-made noises in Raleigh and Durham via crowdsourcing.

The Daily Pennsylvanian: Penn LPS graduate creates digital map to track crime in West Philadelphia - College of Liberal and Professional Studies graduate Dillon Heffernan, who graduated in 2018 with a bachelor's degree in economics, made "a custom Google Map overlay earlier this month when he said his neighborhood was experiencing three robberies a night."

Education News

Inside HigherEd: Survival of the Proactive - "Small-college Leaders share how their institutions have attempted to ward off enrollment crises before they happen." Via Pat Kennelly.

Times of India: Get GIS mapping of private schools done - The goal of the GIS effort is meeting regulations insuring low-income students make up the required percentage of the student body at each school. I'm not sure I follow how the two are related by I do understand how such mapping relates to a 2009 act about the locations of primary, secondary and high schools.


Trajectory Magazine: David Runneals: Bringing Data to your Desktop - Profile of "the first recipient of USGIF’s new RGi Scholarship for Geospatial and Engineering, offered in partnership with Reinventing Geospatial Inc. (RGi). The scholarship awards $10,000 to an undergraduate student committed to becoming competitive and constructive in the geospatial and engineering disciplines. "

KFYRTV: BSC teacher gets chance of a lifetime to work for National Geographic - Bismarck State College professor Angie Milakovic applied last winter to be the North Dakota steward for National Geographic, and is excited to have the role.

GW Hatchet: Geography professor dies after seven-month battle against leukemia - Joe Dymond, an assistant professor of geography [George Washington University], died last week after a seven-month battle against acute myeloid leukemia. He was 53.

Esri lost story map team member Rupert Essinger; the team remembers him with a story map.