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Thursday, October 4, 2018

GIS Education Weekly: Foundations Fund Poverty Mapping Effort


New York Times: Detailed New National Maps Show How Neighborhoods Shape Children for Life - "On Monday the Census Bureau, in collaboration with researchers at Harvard and Brown, published nationwide data that will make it possible to pinpoint — down to the census tract, a level relevant to individual families — where children of all backgrounds have the best shot at getting ahead." The funding sources for this work include Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the Overdeck Family Foundation and Bloomberg Philanthropies. Per Geekwire: "The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will commit $15 million to get a new initiative called Opportunity Insights off the ground. This week, the organization, in partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau, published comprehensive nationwide data and maps that predict the likelihood that kids will escape poverty based on where they live. Gates Foundation CEO Sue Desmond-Hellmann announced the funding on stage at the GeekWire Summit in Seattle Tuesday. It’s the organization’s first U.S. Economic Mobility and Poverty grant."

Gizmodo: Video We come from the future - A history of the edutainment game Oregon Trail. Via @re_seiber.

Ignite Education: Commercial GIS Software: Setting the Record Straight - My post is not a rant, but a request to those writing about open source geospatial technology. I'm asking that they acknowledge that open source software is commercial software. Remember the opposite of open source is proprietary, not commercial.

Girls Can Map - A group is looking for girls scouts and girl guides who want to participate in an online mapping community. It seems to be geared to getting girls to participate in HOTOSM work. The orgnazations tweets and website are (c)2018.  Via @girlscanmap. See also, the founder's post at USC Center for Public Diplomacy.

WSJ: M.B.A. Applications Keep Falling in U.S., This Year Hitting Even Elite Schools - What does that mean for those of us trying to get more GIS into business and business schools?

Bloomberg: Trump Reacts Best to Maps and Images, Deputy Spy Chief Says - "The best way for America’s spy agencies to get through to President Donald Trump is 'geospatially,' using maps and images, according to Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Susan Gordon." After the last week or two, I wanted to share something vaguely positive from U.S. politics.

Esri: Explore Future Climate Projections - A new learn.arcgis.com lesson introduces climate data and how to work with it. It is "particularly designed for educators and their students to complete as is, or to adapt and expand to include all the concepts available in the data provided with the lesson." This blog post provides more information. Via my colleague Charlie Frye.

For Students

Fast Company: How I went from Google intern to the head of Google Maps - "Jen Fitzpatrick started out in Google’s first class of interns in 1999. She now runs one of the company’s most important businesses. And along the way, she saw–and shaped–a lot of history."

On and Off Campus

CBC: Student designing maps aimed at making it easier to travel across B.C. without a car - "An education student at the University of Victoria has channeled his 'passion for geography' into something he hopes will help people trying to travel across British Columbia without a car: a public transportation map based on the guides found on the London Underground subway system."

University of Nevada Reno: Geography students help Reno refugees cultivate roots through community garden - Students from the University of Nevada, Reno became involved with the planning and building of the garden at a refugee resettlement community through a service learning project offered through a field methods course in the geography department.

Virginia Journal of Education: More than Capitals, Rivers, and Climate Maps - Chris Bunin explains how technology is taking geography instruction by storm in Virginia. Particularly noteworthy is this comment from Bob Kolvoord “It’s also introduced geography as a potential area of study for many students. In fact, JMU geography enrollments are at an all-time high, in part due to a steady flow of students from the GSS.”

Augusta Free Press: Center for Geospatial Information Technology builds database to help Virginia’s veterans - "The Center for Geospatial Information Technology developed a new database for both the Virginia Veterans and Family Support Program and Veterans Education, Transition, and Employment, a directorate of five organizations that helps veterans access educational and employment opportunities." The Center is at Virginia Tech.

Programs and Courses

St. Petersburg College: A new class in the Workforce Institute, called "Advanced GIS," starts in 2019. It runs for six hours each Saturday Jan-March.

Press Release: Boundless Launches Boundless Learning Platform - I noted this last month; Boundless released a formal press release last Thursday.