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Thursday, September 6, 2018

GIS Education Weekly: The Geography of Flexible Seating


New York Times: How Much Hotter Is Your Hometown Than When You Were Born? - This interactive site brings climate change home.
Climate change in my hometown, based on models crafted
into a New York Times interactive.

Bored Teachers Blog: 16 Awesome Flexible-Seating Classrooms That'll Blow Your Teacher Mind - K-12 educators sure know a lot about managing space in the classroom.

Shannon White tore Gretchen Peterson's map coloring book apart and had students pick a city they didn't recognize to color. Students then wrote a reflection on their design process and the story the space and place tells. See also, from NPR: Coloring Books And Worksheets: What's The Value Of 'Staying In The Lines'?  Via @shannonhwhite.

LinkedIn: Using Google G Suite Single Sign-On for account management in ArcGIS Online - My colleague Tom Baker details how schools might use this unsupported solution.

For Students

Esri: Esri's 2019 summer internship and event assistantship information pages are beginning to appear. Via @daviddibiase.

GIS Lounge: The Role of GIS Librarians - Olivia Harne looks at documents from 2002 and 2008 to explore the topic. I wonder if the job has changed since then?

NASA: Applications for ten week paid research opportunities with the NASA DEVELOP National Program, are open to current students and recent college graduates as well as transitioning career professionals.

EPA: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency announced that registration for the seventh annual Campus RainWorks Challenge is open through September 30th. It's an undergraduate team infrastructure design competition with projects due December 14th. There are monetary awards for students and faculty. Via Charlie Fitzpatrick.

Quote of the Week

@mikemattos65 tweeted:
Some say that giving kids redos on a test will not prepare them for the real world. But how many adult exams are given once w/no second chances? SAT? ACT? Drivers’ test? Contractors’ license? The Bar? Medical boards? Virtually every real life exam allows redos...
I have to agree; my team loves to use "low stakes quizzes."


Press release: Global service for preventing wildfires won the main prize at the UN's international innovation contest in Espoo (pdf)- The UN World Challenge Finland 2018 winner, The Wildfire Aware, uses data from various sources and provides machine-learning-based forecasts about wildfires to limit the damage caused by fires. The service is a result of the long-term development work of a team of mathematics and computer science students from the University of York, UK.

Programs and Courses

New Maps Plus: The program offers a new course this Fall: MAP 674: Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization. It taps python and other packages and libraries to explore conceptual spatial science. It starts October 8th.Via @NewMapsPlus.

Knight Center: Students from 118 countries enroll in new mapping and GIS course from Knight Center; Still time to register - "Almost 2,000 students from 118 countries registered for the new Knight Center course, 'Introduction to Mapping and GIS for Journalists.'" Way to go Knight Center!

On and Off Campus

Penn State: Geog 482 students create story maps for their final project. Claire Hirt's explores a newly invasive species: the Spotted Lanternfly. Via @PennStateGIS.

UT-Dallas: Software to Assist with Navigating UTD Buildings - It uses wi-fi since GPS is not accessible.

Penn State: Multi-campus collaboration tells story of cancer in central Pennsylvania - Penn State's cancer-related Story Map, “The Story of Cancer in Central Pennsylvania was developed by three student interns from the Penn State College of Medicine’s Master of Public Health program; the geography department and Penn State’s Master of Applied Statistics program.