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Thursday, September 14, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: Why Female Students Leave STEM

Concentration of Children Near Facilities
Releasing Cancer Causing Chemicals

DePaul Geography undergraduate student Michael Rasmussen made the school's Map of the Month

Bulldog Blog (University of Redlands): Environmental business alumnus helms GIS department within days of graduating - Jakob Larson ’17 was hired to manage GIS operations for California’s largest land preservation system, the Wildlands Conservancy.

UW-Green Bay: More than 200 UW-Green Bay students navigating with GPS - It's about the school's Gateways to Phoenix Success (GPS) program for first year students.

Inside Higher Ed: Why Female Students Leave STEM - "Paper finds that bad grades on their own aren’t enough to prompt a change of major, and neither is the environment, but problems arise when those factors compound one other."


The details for Esri's 2018 ArcGIS Online Competition for US HS+MS Students have been posted.


NEARC takes place Nov. 5-8 in Newport, RI. Organizers note the availability of student and professional scholarships. The schedule is here. GIS Educator's Day is Nov 5.

Anita Graser, open source GIS advocate, will be doing an AMA in r/gis Weds, 9/27/17 at 1pm EST/19:00 Vienna time/17:00 GMT. 

USGIF is offering a series of Boot Camp events for those preparing to take its certification exams. No dates have yet been shared.


Penn State: Ethics Education for Geospatial Professionals Products - The National Science Foundation provided support needed to develop and institute graduate seminars at Penn State, Oregon State, and the University of Minnesota that rigorously explore ethical implications of geographic information science and technology (GIS&T).

EO College, from the European Space Agency, will host a MOOC about Radar Remote Sensing set to begin on October 9, 2017 for five weeks. "The course includes a hands-on component that will lead students through exercises in order to learn how to obtain, process, and analyze real-world radar data." Via GIS Lounge.


The Ohio Department of Education awarded Clark State Community College a $200,000 grant to advance research and education for its precision agriculture program.

For Students

The American Geographical Society offers grad students Council Fellowships. The deadline is November 1st.