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Thursday, August 10, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: Online High School Human Geography Course Debuts this Fall


Micronutrient Map
University of Minnesota: Top prizes for a map of micronutrients - "An interactive map exploring the distribution of nutrients across the world was the recipient of the 2017 U-Spatial Mapping Prize. Peder Engstrom, lead creator of the map, is a GIS scientist with the Global Landscapes Initiative at the Institute on the Environment and is also pursuing his master’s of GIS at the University of Minnesota. The map, which explores the correlation between the size of a farm and its diversity of nutrient production, illustrates the importance of small farms, especially in developing nations." It's a story map.

The New Stack: A History of Open Source GIS, from Humble Beginnings to World-Changing Applications - Recap by Anthony Calamito of Boundless.

Manitoba Co-operator: You are here: 4-H pitches youth GIS training - Youth in Nebraska have been introduced to geographic information systems since 2007.

WaPo: Nearly two-thirds of Americans can't find North Korea on a map - Because current events.

Metro (UK): Can you spot the mistake that led to half a million Tube maps being destroyed? - Because error.

Sacramento Bee: Professor goes to work in body armor after concealed weapons allowed on campus - "Charles K. Smith, a geography instructor at San Antonio College in Texas, wore protective gear to class on Tuesday to protest the state’s new Campus Carry law."

Esri Canada: GIS scholarship recipient lands dream job at McGill - His job? He's the the Geospatial Data Administrator and Interactive Map Developer for McGill University’s Campus and Space Planning (CSP) department.


Revolution Rhythm LLC is pleased to announce that it has been granted preferred vendor status with Denton, TX Independent School District (ISD). The Sounds Around The World Geography Program ($285) is now available to all 73 school districts that are members of the Educational Purchasing Cooperative of North Texas (EPCNT). I interviewed the man behind the package, Jason Armstrong Baker of Baltimore, a few years ago. At that time there was only anecdotal information about the impact of this intervention.

Esri Education Blog: ArcGIS Online Administration: Questions, Answers and Discussion Points from EdUC 2017 - Discussion topics and guidance from my colleague Geri Miller, an education team solutions engineer, from the Web GIS Administration workshop during the Esri Educational User Conference in July 2017.

YouTube: Dr. Ian Muehlenhaus Esri EdUC Plenary Presentation, July 2017 - Esri did not film the Education GIS conference plenary or sessions, but someone did. via @iMuehlenhaus.

Axis Maps: Cartography Guide - The updated resource covers general cartography principles, not software-specific tips.

Geo for All: Map of Laboratories - The program's "labs" (aka universities) are portrayed on a spiny globe since it's the only projection without distortion, per creator, Barend Köbben.

USGS: Point and Click to Track Wildfire Activity in the United States - A bad year for fires means a good year for learning about GIS use via fire management mapping.

Press release: Red Comet Unveils Brand New High School Course in Human Geography. - An online high school based in Washington State now offers an online geography course. I have to believe there's money in such courses; I'm just not sure I could identify the source. "For the 2017-18 school year, students may enroll in Red Comet’s Human Geography course which will prepare the student to effectively handle the challenges and complexities of a full-fledged college-level Human Geography course or an Advanced PlacementTM (AP) course in Human Geography."

GIS Day: Register Your Event - The first 250 organizations who register an event will receive a free GIS Day box of geo-goodies.


The University of Central Florida has a residence undergraduate GIS Certificate program (pdf brochure).

Geospatial Data Act News

GITA: Webinar on 2017 Geospatial Data Act - The e-mail about this session with the AAG's John Wertman came to me admonishing "Don't Be a Victim of a Professional Lockout!"

Women in GIS (WiGIS): The group is developing a letter along with other organizations including the Society for Conservation GIS (SCGIS) in response to the act.

For Students

AAG Snapshot: How to Make the Most of your Student Membership - Three sets of tips for the 40% of AAG members who are students.

AAG: The organization requests students' summer research pictures to share via its Instagram account.

URISA: Student volunteer opportunities are available for GISPro2017 in Jacksonville, FL in October. The event will feature an entire track about the new GISP exam. There's a high school and college/university student competition.

Campus Maps and Tours

Murray State University: A Guided Tour - It's a story map, but with no author cited : ( via @murraystategcs (I'm on a mission to encourage the story map team to include a place for author information. I work at Esri, but that does not mean this is easy!)

FOSS4G Boston

I won't be at the conference but my colleague Mike Gould will be.  I do plan to attend the social event Tuesday night at MIT. Let me know if you'll be there and want to say hello and talk GIS education!