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Thursday, April 13, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: More GeoInquiries, More Open Source from Uber, More Night Data from NASA

deck.gl in Action
Articles and Resources

TechCrunch: Uber’s open source data visualization tool now goes beyond maps - Uber offers an open source version of the data visualization framework it uses internally, called deck.gl. Announced and available since last November, it’s just been updated with more visualization options.

Esri: Two sample packs of GeoInquiries (free, no log on lesson plans for K-12) have been released:
h/t @trbaker

HOTOSM: Malaria elimination tasks - I have a soft spot for malaria issues in Africa. I spent a month in South Africa with the Medical Research Council back in 1995 working on mapping response efforts. Pictures of that trip, and a post card with the national anthem, hang above my desk to this day.

Census: The U.S. Census Bureau is offering lots of free webinars about using its data this month. And, if you want to learn about the local updates, join this one from Directions Magazine on April 27: You, GIS, and the Local Update of Census Addresses Operation for the 2020 Census.

Geospatial World: Which countries offer comprehensive geospatial education? - "In hindsight, it is not surprising that developed countries have the most enabling and geospatial institutional capacity."

NASA: NASA scientists released new global maps of Earth at night, providing the clearest yet composite view of the patterns of human settlement.

TNW: Google is revealing ‘the new Google Earth’ next week - Google "just sent out invites to the press for an event where it will unveil 'the new Google Earth'. It will be held on April 18, just four days before Earth Day on the 22nd."

Coursera offers Seven Day Free Trail on Most Specializations

I guess I was not the only one annoyed with the lack of free access to Coursera courses. The company announced last week that a seven day trial, with access to all graded assignments, lecture videos, and discussion forums, is available for courses in most specialization. You have to sign up, then cancel to avoid the fee.

For Students

The 52° North Student Innovation Challenge 2017 is titled Bridging IoT and Sensor Web Applications. Prizes include money and travel funding to the Geospatial Sensor Webs Conference. Submission are due May 7. Open to grads and undergrads worldwide! h/t @m0gould

Are you are full time GIS student? Receive registration, hotel, a mentor, and much more at the
Minnesota GIS/LIS Consortium Conference in Bemidji in October. via a student assistantship. To bring in new participants, students are not eligible if they've had a previous assistantship at this, the Esri or other events.

In and Out of the Classroom

Goose Watch is back at the University of Waterloo.The Goose Watch map of campus includes posts by individuals who want to point out potential goose nesting sites to students, staff and faculty because the geese can be quite aggressive.