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Thursday, March 16, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: Campus Maps, Data Storytelling

Articles of Interest

Wastewater treatment plans
Fast Company: Ever Want Image Search For Google Earth? This AI-Driven Tool Does That - Descartes offers a search engine that will find other instances of a feature in a satellite image in other satellite images. The tech the company is commercializing was developed at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL). Interesting, but I confess feeling a bit of "solution in search of a problem" situation. I hope I'm wrong.

Tapestry Conference: 10 Data Storytelling Videos from Tapestry 2017  - Among the ten data storytelling presentations is one titled "Geospatial and Temporal Visualization of a New Vaccine Introduction."

Medium: The death of interactive infographics? - Maybe people don't click on the interactive graphics.

Tufts: Political Science Fieldwork for Undergrads - Tufts used Survey 123 for a Political Science course, Mapping Elections, last fall.

Adweek: WebMD’s Cold and Flu Map Is an Effective Marketing Tool—So Why Does It Make Some People Queasy? - Is it ok for hygiene product company to back a flu map?

Blog: Natural Disasters Happen, and Maps can Help. - A MOOC student (one of Anthony Robinson's) shares some of what he learned about maps.


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For Students

The Vermont Center for Geographic Information webinar yesterday was titled "New GIS Professionals: Issues and Tips Panel Discussion." I'm moderating a similar one for NEGIS later this year and am posting these topics they covered for reference:

1. Top three tips to job applicants to make themselves marketable?
2. Example of mistake applicant made that took them out of the running for a position?
3. Top three neglected areas of "career development" for people in or wanting to start GIS-related careers

Fun fact from Jack Dangermond's talk to students at Esri's Higher Ed Open House last week: Dangermon "went to college (CS Pomona) on a pole-vaulting scholarship!" h/t @0mgould

Maps of Campus

What makes the updated version of the University of Maryland's campus map, debuting April 29, better than Google Maps offering? It "has campus-oriented information, such as campus bus stops and emergency phones, the option to search for dorms and academic buildings using their three-letter code, details about who can park in each parking lot and construction and renovation information about some of the buildings..."

Kutztown University in Pennsylvania uses QR codes to enable the campus map.


GrasslandsLIVE is a free "distance learning adventure," aka, webinar, for students, educators and others on May 17, 2017 from Pawnee National Grasslands in Colorado.

Degrees, Programs and Courses 

The University of North Alabama will offer a fast track combined bachelor's and master's degree including one in GIS, starting in August. Students can take nine hours of graduate courses for the same cost as nine hours of undergraduate work


Anthony Calamito, VP of product at Boundless, will moderate a panel on open geospatial education in conjunction with thought leaders in academia and open education at the AAG Conference in Boston on Saturday, April 8, 2017 at 11:50am ET. via press release