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Friday, February 3, 2017

GIS Education Weekly: Drones are Fun!

In and Out the Classroom with Drones

Smith students have fun with drones.
Instructor Jon Caris, director of Smith's Spatial Analysis Lab, offered "Fun With Drones," an Interterm class to generate excitement about the technology on campus.

The Purdue Drone Club hosted the first ever intercollegiate indoor drone races in January 2017. Ohio State and Illinois participated.

Resources and Articles

A GIS Story: The power behind the map in the 21st Century - Joseph P. Peters, a Solutions Engineer from Esri, put together a bit of the history of geography GIS for Utah’s annual Maps on the Hill.

Library of Congress Blog: The Next Generation: GIS as a Career Choice - A guest post by Nina Feldman, a former intern with the Geography and Map Division of the Library of Congress and the American Association of Geographers.

Drought in the Colorado River Basin - "Very interactive in using GIS, RS, and the #neogeoweb" says @re_seiber. From the site: "This application was developed by the U.S. Geological Survey and the Bureau of Reclamation in support of the Department of the Interior’s Open Water Data Initiative (OWDI). This visualization is part of a multi-agency effort to showcase the usefulness of open data..."

Yale: American Teens’ Knowledge of Climate Change via @trbaker.


State of Arizona budget cuts mean two community colleges with GIS programs (Pima and Mesa) are struggling.  The Esri Story Maps team offers news and tips via a new Planet Story Maps monthly newsletter.

AAG Statement on President Trump’s Executive Order

It seems Manifold has released Radius. Art Lembo of Salisbury University thinks it's got some great tools and plans a course on it.
Google Earth Enterprise is being open sourced under Apache 2.

A University at Buffalo-led STEM partnership (part of NCGIA) will use a $1.2 million grant to extend the GIS program in Buffalo Public Schools. The money, from NSF will keep the program running another three years.

Courses, Programs and Degrees

East Tennessee State University is planning a face-to-face graduate GIS certificate. It will the only in-person GIS Certificate program of its kind within the region (northeast Tennessee, southwest Virginia, and western North Carolina). There's a questionnaire that include details about the courses under consideration.

For Students

International Year of Global Understanding Story Maps Competition- High school and college students are invited to use an Esri Story Maps app to share a story. The deadline was extended to February 7, 2017, next Tuesday. Remember, extensions typically mean fewer responses and better chances of taking home a prize.

The Washington GIS Conference is looking for judges for the 2017 Dick Thomas Award (DTA) Student Presentation Competition. The event is May 18th, 2017 during the annual GIS Conference at the Tacoma Convention Center. Contact dta@waurisa.org to volunteer. I should think if students are not competing, they might learn a lot as judges. I learned a lot as a judge in a different sort of competition back in the day.

Scholarships from GITA Mid-Atlantic chapter are available to full or part-time students studying at a university, college, or technical school in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Students need not be GIS or Geography majors but their course work and / or majors must have a large geospatial component. Winners will receive prizes at the conference in June; travel and lodging are student funded. The deadline is March 24; the submission form is an Excel file.

Esri is hosting a higher education open house on Friday March 10 at the Redlands campus.

CARTO has joined GitHub’s Student Developer Pack, a service providing a variety of tech tools. Via CARTO blog.