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Thursday, October 27, 2016

GIS Education Weekly: 2+2 in Geography at SIUE, Sins of Data Visualization, Playground Maps

Programs, Degrees and Courses

"Southern Illinois University Edwardsville continues to expand its 2+2 Partnership Programs with the establishment of its first such agreement with Lincoln Land Community College, in geography." That's per a press release in the local paper. What does it mean? The 2+2 program allows "students to follow a very specific curriculum while attending their first two years at the community college, then transfer into their intended major at SIUE."

Per Nick Santos at UC Davis: "Well, apparently the GIS Capstone Course [for the Coursera GIS specialization] is now live! I believe if you enrolled, you should have received an email." The course appears to have opened Oct 24.


Directions Magazine'd GIS&T Body of Knowledge webinar led by John Wilson and Ola Ahlqvist end held yesterday. There's already a recording available.

James Cheshire of University College London writes about the 7 Deadly Sins of (Academic) Data Visualization. Via @dianamaps. Try to guess the sin in the map at right.

National Geographic has given each state and DC a giant map (16 ft x 20 ft) of its jurisdiction. These are managed by the state alliances. Now comes word that those interested can buy copies of those giant maps. This offer ties nicely into the "playground map" study noted below.

Penn State Online has a half dozen videos exploring geodesign and introducing the school's online graduate programs on the topic.

On Wednesday, Josh Begley released a new film called Best of Luck With The Wall. Alexis Madrigal calls it a "mesmerizing attempt" to understand the length of the U.S./Mexico border. The film was built with 200,000 close-up scenes from Google Maps.

URISA's Vanguard Cabinet offers a map of geospatial institutions that offer certificates and degrees. It's built with Mapbox, but I'm not sure of the data source.

This map from the Urban Institute made Bond's list.
UCGIS is hosting a webinar about the Esri/AAG GeoMentor program Nov 2. "Learn more about this exciting initiative including how to get started, available resources to support your efforts, and reports from successful GeoMentor engagements throughout the US."

Sarah Bond, Assistant Professor in the Classics Department at the University of Iowa, shares
Five GIS Projects That Are Changing The Way We Understand Racism in a post at Forbes.

U.S. News released the 2017 edition of its Best Global Universities rankings this week. Those ranked in the top 50 span four continents, with 35 in the U.S. There's a Google Map of them. And here's a map of public school quality in Clark County, NV.

Quote of the Week
Anecdotally, in my new position at the University of Chicago, I have been charged with developing a spatial thinking track for its revered “core” (University of Chicago’s take on general education requirements). 
Luc Anselin, Center for Spatial Data Science, University of Chicago revealed that in a Fellows Column for UCGIS. I'm a product of that "core" and also a member of the last undergrad cohort that studied in a geography department.

In and Out of the Classroom

Carto, which used to be CartoDB offers a guest post by Andrew Battista, Librarian for Geospatial Information Systems, New York University about including geospatial learning across the curriculum.

An undergraduate geography seminar research project by GEOST7_NHGA needs input. The goal is to map and explore maps painted on school playgrounds, specifically "to examine potential uses for giant maps, teacher’s interests, and whether or not they can support learning in subjects besides social studies." The ArcGIS Online overview page has instructions. You'll need to click "Open in Map Viewer" to contribute. I want to invite those behind the effort to consider signing up for DIY GeoApps MOOC, coming next February.

Mr. Neal of The Geography Gameshow visited the North Shore Christian School. Third- and fourth-graders on the Beverly, MA campus saw him draw maps from memory and add in additional pictures that give clues and information pertinent to the topic.


The Esri UC 2017 call for papers has been extended to Nov 4, 2016. Surprised? I'm not