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Thursday, August 6, 2015

GIS Education Weekly: NCGE 2015, GAW, CartoDB at NYU

Tennessee Geography Faculty Lobby for Civil Rights as Theme for Geography Awareness Week

The op-ed published on the AAG website last week, "Make Civil Rights a Geography Awareness Week Theme" makes the case. I'm not sure who the authors are lobbying since Geography Awareness Week seems to be less of a national effort of late, but rather a local "do as you please" affair. That said, National Geographic already has a theme for 2015's "GeoWeek": “Explore! The Power of Maps.”

If the authors hope to have the the op-ed republished, I suggest they publish it under and open license like Creative Commons.

Free Access to Routledge Fee-based Journals to Celebrate NCGE 100th Anniversary 

Routledge is offering National Council on Geographic Education members and conference attendees free access to some of its content to celebrate the organization's 100 anniversary. I'm not a member nor attendee but I think I gained access anyway.

The 2015 National Conference on Geographic Education starts today (Thursday) in Washington D.C. The event hashtag is #NCGE2015. I will not be attending since I'm still tired from #PMC2015.


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Preparing for a Spatial Career: Tips for Students

This blog post by Sarah Cordivano of Azavea addresses how students can make themselves standout from others looking for internships and jobs.

New Mentor Found via Esri UC

How did Aniko Polo-Akpisso, a doctoral student from Togo, Africa, end up working with University of Wisconsin Oshkosh’s Mamadou Coulibaly, associate professor of geographic information systems and water resources? Per Coulibaly:
I met Aniko a year ago at the world’s largest GIS conference in San Diego. He was there as a winner of an award. The elite international education program he is part of does not yet provide a solid GIS support. That is why I am assisting him with the data processing aspect of his dissertation using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques...
Geo for All Newsletter

The first Geo for All newsletter is available in PDF.

Esri Book on Remote Sensing

Esri Press offers Essential Earth Imaging for GIS, "A guide to imaging technology and management, Essential Earth Imaging for GIS discusses characteristics of images obtained from aircraft and spacecraft, and how to enhance, register, and visually interpret multispectral imagery and point clouds." The book is $60 retail in the U.S. and includes exercises and a 180 day license for ArcGIS.

GeoTech Center and Kaskaskia College Hold GIS Seminar
The Kaskaskia College Trenton Education Center was the venue for a Global Information Systems [sic] seminar entitled “The Power of Imagery” on Friday, July 31. The seminar was co-sponsored by Kaskaskia College and the National Geospatial Technology Center for Excellence (GeoTech).
The press release, written by the college, is here.

NYU Users Get More Data Storage from CartoDB

Data Services ‏(@nyudataservices) tweeted:
Big news: @nyuniversity students, faculty, & researchers get a @cartoDB account with more data: https://nyu.cartodb.com/signup (must use NYU email)
Based on what I know about CartoDB I suspect the accounts now have more storage for data rather than having more access to data.