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Monday, November 5, 2012

Academic Geography Job Ads: Really?

I've been looking for a teaching job (geography and/or GIS, online, but I'll consider a local residence position, too) for about six months. Lots of things have convinced me to apply (or not) for the various positions I've found: pay, institutional vision, course timing, etc. Most of the position descriptions do a decent job of describing both the requirements of the applicant (PhD, teaching experience, etc.) and the expected tasks the new faculty member will take on (teaching upper or lower division courses, writing courses, research, etc.).

The job posting I read today from Bridgewater State University did the former (Masters required, PhD preferred), but nowhere details what the new adjust faculty member will do or in what area of geography they might need expertise. Here's what the candidate learns from the job posting:
The Department of Geography is looking for part-time adjunct faculty for the Spring 2013 semester. ...

Applicants should be strongly committed to excellence in teaching and advising, and to working in a multicultural environment that fosters diversity. They should also have an ability to use technology effectively in teaching and learning, the ability to work collaboratively, evidence of scholarly activity, and a commitment to public higher education.
I'd guess the selected candidate will teach intro classes. I wonder why there's no indication of that or any other responsibilities. The second paragraph is clearly generic and probably appears in all faculty position postings for all departments. There's not even a link to the department home page to learn more.

It's the kind of job posting that makes me not want to bother to respond. And, that's too bad since it's a good department. I know; I taught at Bridgewater State (then College, now University) in the past. That, and only that, provides me insight and motivation to consider applying.