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Monday, October 29, 2012

Unmanned Vehicle University's New Products: Five Stars

Unmanned Vehicle University's new textbook is titled Introduction to Unmanned Systems: Air, Ground, Sea and Space ($144) and is available at Amazon. It has one review to date by Dr P Marques. He gives it five stars. He is on the university faculty.

The new DVD course UAV Executive Course ($650), also available at Amazon, has five reviews. The university sent me an e-mail highlighting them.

One review is by Brian Binnie, who is on the university Board of Directors and wrote the book's introduction. He's written just this one review on Amazon.

A second review is by Dr. Dimitrios Gkritzapis, who is the school's Athens, Greece Campus Director. He's also written just this one Amazon review.

A third review is by Dr P Marques, the university faculty member noted above. He writes:
I took this course recently and I was amazed at how much I learned about UAV components, communications & data links, sensors, ground control systems, civil airspace integration, sense and avoid systems, alternative propulsion, UAV swarming, and many other topics by studying just two hours per week. Dr LeMieux is, without doubt, the most intellectually stimulating lecturer I ever had.
There are two other reviews of the DVD course by people with no direct link to the University (that I could find). One is by M Blades, who I surmise is Michael Blades, a  Frost & Sullivan Senior Industry Analyst who comments on, among other things, UAVs (Frost and Sullivan PR). The second is from Rob Han who is as effusive in his praise as Dr. Marques. In all, five reviewers give the course five stars.