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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

On the Geo Media

Editor's note: This is the first of a possible occasional series of posts on the geospatial media. I crafted the title from one of my favorite podcasts, On the Media.

One of the first maps discussed
on the Urhere podcast.
Urhere Podcast - "Urhere is a podcast about maps and cartography for fans of historic and modern maps." Gretchen Peterson and Vanessa Knoppke-Wetzel talk about maps. Each episode has a companion blog post with a summary and a few links. New episodes drop each Wednesday and there are six already published. The hosts ask for voluntery monetary contributions.

DirectionsMag Geospatial Community Blog - Directions Magazine’s copyeditor and blog mediator Rebeckah Flowers publishes the posts, which "will be written by a variety of experts in various geospatial fields." States Flowers in an introductory post, "Our goal is for every blog post to provide you with easy-to-implement information for advancing your career or skillset, with links to resources and tools to facilitate further learning." The blog appears to be hosted on LinkedIn. Flowers welcomes contributions.

GIS User Business Blog - The site began beefing up its blog content in March with posts nearly every day. Several days saw up to three posts! This list of sample titles provides a feel for the variety of topics covered on the business blog: 

GW Prime - The fee-based online offering debuted in September er 2020. "GW Prime is a first-of-its-kind subscription-based premium geospatial media platform, which offers quality content covering the entire geospatial ecosystem and the allied technology segments." There are monthly ($4.99) and annual digital ($24.99) subscriptions and an annual digital + print option ($39.99). The original advertising funding Geospatial World provides teases of GW Prime content, but continues to offer many free articles and blog posts. 

Geoawesomeness: Join us in celebrating 10 years of Geoawesomeness - The website debuted on April 10, 2011. It interesting that the same blog post appeared, without comment, at Geospatial World.

Trajectory: USGIF's magazine got a new digital presence last November. "Experience this virtual magazine in a way you never have before. With digital articles, videos, and recordings that enhance your reading experience." Here's the first issue in the new format; I was unable to find any others, so perhaps the publication is a website.

Directions with Stan Grant - Esri Australia launched this podcast earlier this month. Episode 1 has Grant, "author, broadcaster and multi-award-winning journalist," interviewing Maryland governor Martin O'Malley. Via Spatial Source.

HBO: Our Towns - "From Academy Award-nominated filmmakers Steven Ascher and Jeanne Jordan comes Our Towns, a documentary that paints a remarkable picture of America and how the rise of civic and economic reinvention is transforming small cities and towns across the country. Based on journalists James and Deborah Fallows' book Our Towns: A 100,000-Mile Journey into the Heart of America, the film spotlights local initiatives and explores how a sense of community and common language of change can help people and towns find a different path to the future." The hour and a half documentary debuted on April 14.