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Monday, November 30, 2015

Geo News You Probably Missed Over the Holiday

Here are a few news items/observations I saw in the last weeks. I'm hopeful some of the online geo news sites will run the press releases and/or investigate further.

TCS Acquired

Comtech Telecommunications Corporation, a New York-based government contractor will buy TeleCommunication Systems Inc (TCS). TCS offers 911, location-based and wireless infrastructure services to wireless network operators, government agencies and large companies. TCS is based in Annapolis and has 1100 employees a quite a bit of debt.

Sources: Biz Journal, press release
Some of the grids of the National Grid

FEMA getting closer to Endorsing US National Grid 

The grid pops up regularly and in time may become the Federal Emergency Management Agency's  preferred location grid. I have no details on the process or status (said another way: no one is paying me to track that stuff down), but the draft document is available from HHS.gov here (pdf). H/T to @GITAssociation

MapQuest Sponsoring B2B Content 

If I recall correctly, about 15 years ago MapQuest paid for what is now called "native advertising" on Directions. The company is doing it again, this time on Business Insider. If I didn't tell you, would you have noticed that MapQuest sponsored the article?