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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Ten Years of Creating and Listening to Podcasts

A few weeks ago I learned that one of my favorite podcasts, one I've been listening to for about ten years, would end. One of the two hosts of For Immediate Release: The Hobson and Holtz Report, Hobson, has decided to move on. The other, Holtz, is starting a new podcast covering the same content.

I'm saddened because I really enjoy the podcast and the back and forth between the two men, one on either side of the Atlantic. On the other hand, I certainly understand the energy required to put out a  weekly, hour long (or more) show. For many years the podcast came out twice a week!

Maybe ten years is a magic number. The podcast I pushed to start, Directions on the News, ran for just under ten years. My colleague Joe Francica and I didn't end the podcast per se; we both left the magazine that served as its home. The only other GIS focused podcast that I follow, Very Spatial just passed ten years and the hosts are pondering its future. All of these three podcasts have something in common: two or three people talk about a topic once a week.

Other podcasts I listen to have a host and different co-hosts (Daily Tech News Show) or a host and different interviewees (Endurance Planet) or a mix of all three (Trail Runner Nation). Perhaps these, just because there are more people to bring energy, can and will last longer.

If you've not heard (heh, heh) James Fee plans a podcast for the fall to replace his Hangouts with James Fee. I confess the handful of those that I listened to I ripped to MP3 to listen to as, you guessed it, podcasts! I'm not sure if James was the one, but I vaguely remember someone of his ilk saying they'd never listen to a podcast back when Directions on the News started...

I continue to be a big fan of podcasts. I love the people I've met (Neville and Shel, aka Hobson and Holtz), the insights I've gained (like many, I continue to learn about tech from Tom Merritt who I've followed around since Buzz Out Loud) and the fun I've had (I truly miss recording every Monday with Joe; those chats about GIS were truly enjoyable). Podcasts may come and go, but podcasting, I think, is here to stay.