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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Enhancing Engagement in Geospatial Topics through Authentic Learning

Below are the key links from my presentation from NEARC Educators Day 2012 (Nov 11) titled: Enhancing Engagement in Geospatial Topics through Authentic Learning.

Notes from my Talk

Below are the notes from my session, taken by one of the attendees (thank you!). These are the standards/skills/learning objective the attendees felt could be addressed based on the "teachable moments" we discussed.

AFL Indigenous Players Map 2012

language distribution
relation of climate to cultural groups/language
relationship of native and non-native Australians
why create such a map?
connect to real world: have students document how to make the map better and share them with the AFL Players Association.

Khartoum Bomb Attack

change detection
estimate size of craters
image collection/limitations of satellite collection/timing of collection
connect to real world: confirm analysis, compare to other events to explore what kind of munition was used, share what was learned in school or local paper

Failed GPS Story

precision/accuracy - when is it important
health skepticism/tech literacy
comparison of geocoding on different platforms
how is data collected/created
connect to real world: learn how to and actual correct/submit corrections to map or data providers

Apple Uses OpenStreetMap

legal action
connect to real world: explore under which license data used in class is offered, work with non-profit or local government in finding an appropriate license

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