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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Visiting the "Geography Gods" Blog

Who would name their blog and Twitter account "Geography Gods"? Two high school students who got the top mark ("5") on the AP Human Geography Exam last spring. Congratulations to the budding geographers for the academic achievement.

What is the Geography Gods website?

The tag lines are two:
  • Unbiased Current Events and Geography 
  • Dedicated to bringing you global news and events
The second is tough. The first is even tougher, as About.com's Matt Rosenberg observed in a tweet. 

The site dates back to Sept 2011 and has several dozen posts. Many describe current events and some take on travel related issues, like how safe Mexico is for tourists. Others are a bit further afield, such as Barry Bonds' challenges. There isn't a specific focus on geography as a factor in describing events or topics, though to be fair, that is not among the stated goals. Articles have some quotes (for example, from the New York Times), but no links to online sources. I think that would be a great addition.

Articles are by the blog owners and a number of other named writers (who I'm guessing are classmates, no bios are provided for them). Sadly, the comments are about 95% spam; a few from friends and family are very supportive. It might be time to explore a spam filtering solution.

I think it'd be great if geographers and educators offer suggestions to make the website more valuable. It's exciting to see such initiatives from the next generation of geographers.